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We, at Sanatan Yog Foundation, believe in spreading happiness and positivity through the ancient art of Yoga. We have always known the power of Yoga and how important it is for a healthy lifestyle. We have observed how people have started treating Yoga as a business and a money-making business. Institutes, today, teach yoga not for spreading knowledge, but for making money. To rejuvenate the essence of ancient Yoga, we established this Ashram, where we wish to reestablish the original values and spirit of Yoga and everything it once stood for.

We came up with this ashram so as to instill the soul of Yoga. We initiated this concept of the ashram to enable us to promote the kind of knowledge and awareness we have wished to. We always believed that yoga is for everyone and money should not be a hurdle. Considering this, we are not making profits, but only making the best facilities relating to yoga available at the most reasonable rates.

Our Mission At Yoga Ashram Is 

To Exceed Expectation

  • Yoga Ashram is therefore a place where you can find your inner peace.
  • At Yoga Ashram we offer Yoga sessions for all levels and Every Body.
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Practitioners are most welcome to join.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Meet The Guru & Founder

Guru Sandipan

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